Australian Dictionary of Biography

This is a list of biographies in the Australian Dictionary of Biography which mention YCW, NCGM or YCS.

Hogan, Hector Denis (1931–1960) by Ian F. Jobling

Brisbane YCW member, champion sprinter and refrigeration mechanic

Lombard, Francis William (1911–1967) by Bruce Duncan

Founding chaplain of the Melbourne YCW

McGuire, Dominic Mary Paul (1903–1978) by Katharine Massam

Author, diplomat and promoter of Catholic Action and YCW

Mannix, Daniel (1864–1963) by James Griffin

Famous Irish-born Melbourne Archbishop who endorsed YCW, NCGM and YCS in the archdiocese

Murphy, Jeremiah Matthias (1883–1955) by D.J. Mulvaney

Irish born NCGM and Newman Society chaplain

Prendiville, Redmond (1900–1968) by Katharine Massam

Archbishop of Perth who welcomed Cardijn in 1958

Reid, Elizabeth Julia (1915–1974) by Hilary M. Carey

Grail member, editor of NCGM magazine Torchlight and development worker

Simonds, Justin Daniel (1890–1967) by Michael Costigan

Co-adjutor and later archbishop of Melbourne, episcopal president of the YCW, learned of the YCW while studying at Louvain from 1928-30.

Young, Sir Guildford Clyde (1916--1988) by W.T. Southerwood

WT Southerwood, Sir Guilford Clyde Young, Australian Dictionary of Biography